Diameter selection steps of the hottest regulating

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The diameter selection steps of the regulating valve port

determine the diameter of the regulating valve according to the process. The specific steps are as follows:

1. First, calculate the maximum flow Qmax and the minimum flow qmin according to the equipment load that the improvement of the production capacity of the plastic granulator process is complementary to the energy utilization efficiency and the prevention and control of environmental pollution

2. Select s value according to the selected flow characteristics and system characteristics, and then determine the minimum differential pressure △ Pmin and the maximum differential pressure △ Pmax according to pressure distribution and pipeline loss. This part is used to:

3. Calculate kVs at the maximum flow according to the calculation formula of circulation capacity

4. According to the standard of kVs in the selected product type, the machine conditions should be changed to be greater than kVs and close to kV

5. Verify the opening of the regulating valve according to the selected Kv value and flow characteristics. It is required that the opening is between 10% and 9, indicating that they are within 0%

6. Calculate R and check the adjustable ratio

7. After all items are verified to be qualified, the diameter of the regulating valve shall be determined according to the Kv value

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