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In recent years, not only the major electrical giants, but also the leading enterprises of cabinet and floor related enterprises have seized the wooden door market. Although the wooden door industry has unlimited prospects, but

the development trend of the wooden door industry [American branch wooden door manufacturer] Foshan wooden door join in telephone

in recent years, not only the major electrical giants, but also the leading enterprises of cabinet and floor related enterprises have seized the wooden door market. Although the wooden door industry has unlimited prospects, the phenomenon of cross-border "land grabbing" is very hot, which also pushes the competition in the wooden door market to white hot. The wooden door industry has encountered great opportunities and challenges

?? Affordable housing brings huge business opportunities

?? The future market of wooden door industry is expected. The national construction plan of 36million affordable housing units will greatly increase the demand for customized furniture such as wooden doors and bring huge development opportunities to the industry

?? With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers' understanding of home decoration will also go to a higher level, from the beginning to meet simple practical and residential needs, and gradually to the pursuit of taste, personality and environmental protection. In particular, wooden doors, which can be customized and have fashionable and professional characteristics, have become a consumption hotspot in the home market in recent years

?? Strong demand for customized wooden doors

?? Stereotyped wooden door is an old variety in the furniture industry. From the product point of view, due to its fixed size and many styles, it can be designed into a variety of pattern effects, and more supporting furniture can be made, which can make the furniture in the room achieve the overall consistent effect. From the perspective of industrial development, it can achieve mass production and ensure reliable quality. The demand for customized wooden doors will be increasing, while the share of traditional furniture industry will be smaller and smaller

?? At present, China's home furnishings have reached the stage of fashion, and the stereotyped wooden door is a thing of the past, and customization will become the development trend of the wooden door market in the future

?? However, although customized wooden doors can better meet the needs of the market from the perspective of consumer demand, customized wooden doors are not easy to do. Customized wooden doors need strong support in design, production, service, management and other aspects. This requires wooden door enterprises to have better improvement in product design, equipment, technology, after-sales service and so on. In particular, solid wood door customization requires strong equipment technology, exquisite manufacturing technology and rich processing experience. Generally, small and medium-sized enterprises do not have a complete basis for wood product processing

?? Customization and standardization are not opposite. Customized wooden doors can also be produced in a standardized way. Standardized production is obviously more conducive to the expansion and strengthening of the industry and the interoperability of products. However, customized wooden doors are mainly customized for style, style and size, so customized wooden door products can still be achieved through the combination of standard components

the wooden door industry is classified as a customized industry. In a word, the size of the wooden door and the reserved size for installation have become the consideration factors of decoration! How much is the thickness of solid wood door in general specifications? What is the general reserved size for the installation of solid wood doors? After reading the following, you may have the answer

specification for the thickness of wood doors

indoor doors include bedroom doors, kitchen doors, bathroom doors, study doors, etc. the standard dimension of the standard dimension of solid wood doors is generally 2100 (height) *900 (width) *150 (wall thickness). Of course, the wall thickness is naturally generated. Generally, the common wall thickness is 13cm or 15cm, also known as the specification! What I just said is the standard scale of the door opening, that is, the clearance scale of the hairy hole

the reserved size for the installation of wooden doors

the thickness of wooden doors needs to be reduced by the installation space. Generally, the installation space of height and width should be reserved around 2 cm! Bedroom doors are more private, so most of them use panel doors. The dimension of the opening is 900mm, smaller than the door, and the door leaf is 820mm. The study door can be light transparent, full glass door or half glass door, as well as art glass such as frosted, cloth pattern, color bar, and electrolithography. The standard is the same as that of the bedroom door. The kitchen door can be viewed through or half through. The door opening is slightly smaller than the bedroom and study door, usually 750mm to 800mm, and the door leaf standard is usually 670mm to 720mm

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