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How to choose strengthened wooden doors? What are the misunderstandings? This is the concern of many consumers. Now Kaikai reinforced wooden door will answer for you. What should be paid attention to when purchasing reinforced wooden door:

1 Shop around and choose the cheaper

"the reinforced wooden door is different from other goods. Consumers can only see the surface of the door, and its internal quality cannot be judged." Even experts, it is sometimes difficult to judge the interior of the strengthened wooden door only by observing the appearance. It is suggested that consumers should not only aim at the cheap price, but ignore the internal quality of the product

2. Judging the material of the door core through the hole of the door lock

some "smart" consumers observed that the door lock of the reinforced wooden door is installed on site, "why not observe the core of the reinforced wooden door through the hole of the door lock?". However, relevant experts pointed out that in the current manufacturing process of reinforced wooden doors in the market, in order to make the lock more firm after installation, the strength of the hole reserved area of the door lock will be strengthened, and most of them adopt the method of lining laminated materials. Therefore, it is not very realistic to investigate and strengthen the wood door core material through the hole reserved part of the door lock

3. Only pay attention to the door leaf, not the door pocket

when consumers choose reinforced wooden doors, they often only pay attention to the quality of reinforced wooden door leaves. However, many after-sales problems of reinforced wooden doors actually come from the door pocket of reinforced wooden doors

4. Color difference of reinforced wooden door is not allowed

color difference of reinforced wooden door cannot be completely avoided. For example, paint free doors of the same design and color may have different colors due to different factory batches of their cladding materials, and consumers may see slightly different colors in reinforced wooden door stores than those installed at home. In fact, they are also black walnuts, some of which may be dark or light, which are caused by the natural properties of wood; The different number of paint passes and the different color allocation of each paint may cause a slight deviation in color, so consumers can't pursue the strengthened wooden door without color difference too much

5. When the reinforced wooden door cracks, it is required to return and exchange goods

from the perspective of protecting the environment and saving resources, it is recommended to focus on maintenance when there are problems with the reinforced wooden door




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