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After a long time of honing, there is a wise man's broad wisdom; Through the inheritance of countless classics, the brand of isalay shines. Isalai curtain soft clothing, inherits brilliance, continues to write the legend of curtain art, and the brand blooms again

after a long time of honing, there is a wise man's broad wisdom; Through the inheritance of countless classics, the brand of isalay shines. Isalai curtain soft clothing, inherits brilliance, continues to write the legend of curtain art, and the brand blooms again

in the golden autumn, the gold medal store manager PK competition

since its establishment, isalai joined the headquarters has always been people-oriented, and has continuously sent a large number of management, sales and technical talents to the curtain industry, which stems from the fact that isalai headquarters attaches great importance to training and holds many targeted training courses every year

on August 24, 2015, isalai's 2-day and 2-night "national gold medal store manager special training camp" training course was held as scheduled. This class is the largest and most powerful since the training course was held by isalay business school. The headquarters of the company attaches great importance to this training and places high hopes on it. The course arrangement is discussed and decided by senior leaders and lecturers together. The whole training course is the most practical and practical dry goods! "Let unqualified store managers become qualified, let qualified store managers become excellent, and let excellent store managers become outstanding!" It is the supreme purpose of this training

the first lesson of the training, "the soul of isalai - the charm of corporate culture", was personally taught by Mr. Lin Jiarong, the marketing director of the company's headquarters. President Lin has devoted a lot of effort to the students, and he is glad that the students are going all out to listen, learn, comprehend and master

the training contents of "building an authentic and practical" Iraqi store manager "and" building a procedural and efficient store operation and management system "are taught by the God of war, teacher Zhou Jun. teacher Zhou's classroom belongs to the masculine type, and the magnetic field is strong enough. The radical way allows students to develop their ideas infinitely, realize them bit by bit, and then suddenly become bright and grow up in an instant

"how to build a wolf sales team" and "the secret of more than 100 sales promotions" are two courses full of competitive and practical artistic conception, which are explained by the male god, Mr. Martin. Mr. Ma's class is calm and tension, and the students are learning, thinking, understanding, and enjoying the pleasure of learning knowledge

On the evening of the 25th, the elegant ADA teacher led the students on a spiritual journey. Teacher ADA's ethereal voice, which directly attacked people's hearts, made everyone's whole body and mind relax unprecedented. In the deep exchange of eyes, everyone wet their eyes, found their most cherished things in the ripples of tears, and found their original intention to start

manager Lu of the marketing department, who has rich practical experience, came out at the end and was responsible for teaching the most appropriate sales training course, "know her, get familiar with her, sell her well - product knowledge explanation". With nearly a decade of experience in the home building materials industry and more than 200 field training experience, manager Lu explained the main points of the content beautifully. The students said that these are dry goods that can be implemented when they go home

after the whole training course, the lecturers have adopted the PK point system, allowing students to continuously learn knowledge and break through themselves in a competitive atmosphere, and achieved unprecedented learning results

in this passionate atmosphere, the "national gold medal store manager PK competition" came into being. With the end of the "national gold medal store manager special training camp" training course, the one month (8.29-9.28) "national gold medal store manager PK competition" officially kicked off on August 29. The partners all started the positive energy explosion mode, and the good news of signing the bill could not stop at all. Facts have proved that through this PK competition, the enthusiasm and initiative of the store teams have been greatly improved. Compared with the performance of the same period last year, and the performance of the last month of the same year, there has been a qualitative leap. Not only has the original target been achieved, many franchised stores have also doubled, refreshing the store sales record

welcome the double festival and let happiness knock on the door

when the gold medal store manager PK competition is in full swing, the best double festival comes one after another. In order to live up to everyone's passionate love, isalay headquarters grandly launched the "happiness knocks on the door ・ 11 large-scale promotion" national Juhui activity during the Mid Autumn Festival and national day

since the headquarters of the company continuously reported the hot situation of single store activities in isalay exclusive stores all over the country, the franchise partners have more and more knowledge of single store activities and are more and more confident. As the strategic partners of isalay curtain in various regions, many franchisees have followed the marketing strategy of isalay curtain and continue to grow. Everyone supports and loves this brand single store activity. This "national large-scale eleven promotion · happiness knocks on the door" activity has received a strong response from isalai people all over the country, and they have taken positive actions in accordance with the direction of the company's headquarters

this activity lasted for one month (9.19-10.18), and the partners who participated in it made countless achievements on the way to battle

hi turn "double 11", the national soft clothing Carnival

wave after wave, isalai people are full of energy. "Double 11" is no longer a monologue in online shopping malls, but offline physical stores are still reveling. From November 11 to 15, isalay fabric 2015 "double 11" national large-scale promotional special offers, popular in 560 cities

from the perspective of consumers, isalai meets the carnival desire of the choppers to celebrate the "double 11", but she doesn't have to stay up all night to grab orders online, and she doesn't have to be depressed about buying inferior goods. You can have a visual and tactile feast and a incisive shopping experience in a pleasant mood

isalai "double 11" national soft clothing Carnival - strip the "price" to you, so that consumers can feel the real brand, discount, quality and experience in an all-round way! Isalai, only make your home soft clothing customization, so that your home and you can feel the wonderful "cloth" together




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