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98 ㎡ two bedroom, the designer cleverly transformed it, changing it from two rooms to three rooms, which is too practical! Come and have a look with Rongda centenary customization home smart home

this is a two bedroom house with an area of 98 ㎡ as recorded in the certificate. It is the marriage house of my husband and I. although the area of the house is small, it is also the result of the efforts of my husband and I over the years. The apartment type and orientation of this house are OK. The only dissatisfaction is that the space of the house is not large enough. 98 ㎡ is only the building area, less after deducting the public share. Moreover, the space utilization rate of the original apartment type is particularly low. Fortunately, we have a good friend who is a designer. With his help, the decoration of the new house is still going very smoothly. In particular, he helped us completely transform the original house type. The original house type of two rooms was changed into three rooms. I really admire him very much. Now let me share with you. 98 ㎡ two bedroom, the designer cleverly transformed it, changing it from two rooms to three rooms. It's too practical, drying

house type map

the first is the original house type map, and the second is the house type map after the transformation. When you compare the two together, you can see it clearly. The original secondary bedroom is transformed into the current living room, while the original guest restaurant is divided into three parts. The lower part is connected with the living room is the dining room, and the left side of the upper part is the secondary bedroom, and the right side is the study. After the transformation, the space utilization rate of the whole house is suddenly improved. Although the new second bedroom and study area are not very large, my husband and I have been very satisfied, at least much better than before

entry perspective

after the transformation, there is no porch in the house. As soon as you come in, there is a restaurant. The overall decoration is still inclined to Nordic style. The ground is paved with solid wood floors, and the walls are simply left blank, and then dotted with a little pink elements, giving people a sweet, small and fresh feeling

there is no waste of space in the corner. It is always right to put a small bucket cabinet with more storage space. The deer head on the wall is very stylish, and my husband likes it very much


the right side of the door is an aisle. The shoe cabinet is installed on this wall, and the position pointed by the red circle arrow is the washing table in the dry area of the bathroom. The white barn door on the left leads to the study

living room

the area of the living room is not large. After all, it was originally a secondary bedroom, so the hard decoration basically did not make any shape, and the furniture is also small in size, just to make the space appear spacious and not give people the feeling of overcrowding. The TV background wall is painted gray like the wall next to it. It is very textured with a log Style TV cabinet

the sofa background wall boldly chose blue and cyan, making the whole space less boring. The gray cloth sofa is a very versatile style, especially warm, with bright yellow small edges and a small floor lamp, which looks young and playful

different from ordinary cabinets, our family has made a circle of storage cabinets around the window, and the space under the window is not wasted (indicated by the red circle arrow). It just connects the left and right sides together, and also plays the role of a fake floating window, which is really very practical

the decorative lamp on the top is the most popular metal molecular lamp now, and its appearance is really high


the area of the study is not large. In order to avoid giving people the feeling of being too cramped, a glass window is installed between the study and the second bedroom, so that the space on both sides becomes much more transparent and the field of vision becomes much better

beside the simple desk, there is a glass display cabinet, which my husband strongly requested to buy. Inside, there is his love

on the back is a row of embedded bookcases, all of which are books collected by my husband and I over the years

second bedroom

the second bedroom has made a small tatami bed. I have to say that this thing is really practical. The two needs of storage and sleeping are solved at one time, and the space occupied is not much

the location of the desk in the second bedroom was originally a small balcony, which was included after the transformation. This room is estimated to be our children's room in the future, so the desk and a good reading environment are still very necessary

master bedroom

the transformation of the master bedroom basically did not move, but the balcony was wrapped in to make the space look larger. A locker was installed on the right side of the balcony, and my dressing table was on the left. The background wall of the master bedroom is grey to create a quiet atmosphere. The wall lamp is also a style I have long admired, and the light and shadow effect is particularly good

the ring lamp at the top is a very popular style now. The side of the bedroom is a row of wardrobes with sliding doors, which is also a simple style


the dry area of the bathroom mentioned earlier, the wall is pasted with a small size of gray square bricks, which looks good. The mirror cabinet is also very practical, and it can also play the role of extending the space visually

although the bathroom area of our family is very small, it can be regarded as the separation of three, and the use efficiency is still very high


the floor of the kitchen is pasted with parquet tiles, and the cabinets and hanging cabinets are all customized. The location of the refrigerator, as well as the space of the oven and steamer, are calculated in advance, so the whole looks very tight

the above is all the decoration of my new house. My husband and I are very satisfied. What do you think of the effect of this transformation

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