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for the healthy and sustainable development of the economy, the state proposed to stimulate consumption and stimulate domestic demand, which at the same time led to the rapid rise of the automotive industry in the central laboratory. According to the statistical data of relevant departments, by December 2013, 1 in 16 people in China had private cars. With the development and progress of social economy and science and technology, automobile has gradually become an indispensable part of people's daily life and work production. Therefore, the automobile maintenance industry closely related to automobiles is also developing rapidly. At present, the automobile maintenance industry in our country is in a particularly important period

I. the status quo maintained by the automobile maintenance industry

1 The first problem in the automobile maintenance industry is that there is a lack of relatively perfect standards in the automobile maintenance industry, and the contents stipulated in the opening conditions of the automobile maintenance industry promulgated in 1997 cannot be truly integrated with the unpredictable market development. For example, there is a certain gap between the configuration of machinery and equipment and the automobile repair demand in developed cities, especially some vehicles with high-performance technology. In addition, the lack of funds, talents and government support has hindered the progress of China's auto repair industry

the second problem is that the operation of the auto parts market is chaotic. From the point of view of production, imitation, inferior parts and other qualified parts flow into the market together. From the perspective of foreign trade channels, the original qualified parts imported through formal and informal channels, and the unapproved parts imported through formal and informal channels are all packaged as original imports and mixed into China's auto parts market. From the perspective of business operators, some are legitimate operations, and some are operating without certificates and false certificates. These various undesirable phenomena lead to different quality of auto parts, destroy the price system, and further affect all aspects of the auto repair industry

2. The management of the automobile maintenance industry is not enough

now, the supervision of the automobile maintenance related regulatory departments on the automobile maintenance self-employed enterprises is not enough, resulting in many self-employed enterprises still in a loose state without organization and discipline in management. The problems mainly focus on the following aspects: as a self-employed, the capital investment is limited, and the allocation of machinery and equipment is not complete; The maintenance lacks professional technicians and technical training, and its technical level is not high, which affects the maintenance quality; The charging standards of each small maintenance factory are not unified, and there is a phenomenon of arbitrary charging

3. Compared with some developed countries, China's automobile after-sales service market is still in the basic stage. The automobile maintenance service industry as a whole is in a situation of high accident probability, low service quality and low production efficiency

according to a recent survey conducted by a certain media, the overall status of the employees in the auto repair industry is poor. They lack professional knowledge, technical level, comprehensive quality, service concept and legal awareness, which have become a bottleneck restricting the development of the auto repair service industry

II. Problems in the development of the automobile maintenance industry

to the extent that the end products all cover the top 10 automobile OEMs in China

in recent years, the rapid development of automobile maintenance technology and automobile fault diagnosis technology has facilitated the work of automobile maintenance personnel, greatly improved the accuracy of automobile maintenance, and made a qualitative leap in maintenance quality. However, at present, the maintenance technology and maintenance methods of most automobile maintenance enterprises are still difficult to meet the actual needs. The reasons for this are as follows:

1 Lack of perfect maintenance equipment

most automobile maintenance enterprises are not large-scale. Due to the limited working capital and poor operation of the company, and the fact that automobile fault diagnosis and maintenance require a lot of financial investment, they are reluctant to spend money to improve the equipment required for fault diagnosis and maintenance, so that the full-time automobile maintenance personnel can not accurately locate the faults of automobiles, Instead, the maintenance personnel judge the existence of automobile faults based on their own experience, which leads to many automobile faults being wrongly diagnosed, and it is also difficult to determine the degree of automobile faults

2. The technical ability of automobile maintenance employees is limited.

now the number of automobile maintenance enterprises in our country is increasing. The overall quality of automobile maintenance employees in various enterprises is different, and most automobile maintenance enterprises do not pay enough attention to the training of talents. The training of automobile maintenance employees is difficult to catch up with the development of modern automobile diagnosis technology, As a result, the technical level of the automobile maintenance personnel has stagnated, the understanding of the advanced automobile maintenance equipment is not comprehensive, the operation is not skilled, and the function of the fault diagnosis equipment has not been fully played, so that the problems in the maintenance process can not be solved in time

III. solutions for the development of automobile maintenance industry

1 Standardizing the operation mode of automobile maintenance enterprises

with the deepening of the reform of China's socialist market economic system, we are forced to formulate a more perfect system to regulate the behavior and ethics of the market, especially for labor-intensive industries like automobile maintenance that emphasize technology and service. In recent years, the market of the automobile maintenance industry has begun to take shape. At the same time, some rules of the automobile maintenance industry have been issued. However, due to the limitations of subjective and objective reasons, some rules have not been truly implemented by enterprises. Therefore, these rules still need to be further improved according to the needs of the social and economic system. In addition, we should also adjust the management of automobile maintenance, enrich the content, establish relevant credit institutions for the automobile maintenance industry, improve the industry rules, so as to slowly achieve the goal of governance according to law, embark on the road of legalization, improve the operation mode and management of China's automobile maintenance enterprises, and connect with developed countries

2. Improving automobile maintenance quality and optimizing professional service attitude

the maintenance quality problem in the automobile maintenance industry is not only the root cause of the sustainable development of the whole enterprise, but also a very important management goal of the automobile maintenance industry. Therefore, during the management and implementation of automobile maintenance, the improvement of maintenance quality should always be the core content of the whole process. Establish a more sound and powerful automobile maintenance quality supervision and inspection system, strictly manage and supervise whether it meets the maintenance quality requirements, and correctly guide some enterprises and social resources with superior conditions in all aspects, so as to establish comprehensive stations for automobile maintenance and inspection at different levels and strengthen the supervision of automobile maintenance enterprises. At the same time, we should also actively learn from the advanced management experience and means of automobile maintenance enterprises in developed countries, so as to promote the management mode of automobile maintenance enterprises in China to be in line with international standards as soon as possible

3. Improving the comprehensive quality of the automobile maintenance employees

the expansion of the management team of the automobile maintenance industry and the improvement of the comprehensive quality of the maintenance employees are the key problems that must be solved in the future management of the automobile maintenance industry. The solution is to organize more management personnel to participate in systematic training, learn new knowledge and latest ideas in time, and expand the reserve of professional knowledge. At the same time, strengthen the training of professional maintenance personnel in automobile maintenance enterprises. In fact, from a long-term perspective, relevant management departments should make full use of the current conditions of the automobile maintenance industry, stimulate the active manipulator of the whole society to increase automation in plastic production workshops and laboratories, establish a professional training base for the automobile maintenance industry, and customize a set of scientific and reasonable training methods. Among them, the training work should make full use of the resources of the association and automobile repair colleges

4. The development of automobile maintenance enterprises according to the chain operation mode

the chain operation of automobile maintenance enterprises can manage the enterprises according to a unified standard and better establish the positive image of the enterprise. In addition, the chain operation mode can establish a unified and fixed supply process, which can reduce the distribution personnel and purchasing personnel of subsidiaries, effectively reduce the cost of enterprises and maximize profits. In addition, the chain operation mode not only optimizes the resource allocation of the enterprise, but also brings the excellent management concept and advanced technology of the enterprise to the more vulnerable enterprises, and promotes their rapid and healthy growth. Chain operation mode can also strangle the vicious circle competition among enterprises in the cradle. At the same time, the chain operation mode can improve the popularity of the brand and make the enterprise more competitive and based on the market

summary: To sum up, with the increasingly widespread use of automobiles and the continuous updating and development of modern automobile technology, China's automobile maintenance industry is bound to undergo earth shaking changes. The automobile maintenance industry should keep pace with the times and develop in a healthier and more perfect direction

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