Dezhou, the hottest city in Shandong Province, wil

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Dezhou, Shandong Province will close four straw pulp production lines. On the 2nd, Dezhou held a work scheduling meeting to close four straw pulp production lines of paper-making enterprises. Wucuiyun, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, gave instructions on closing the straw pulp production lines of four paper-making enterprises. The member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee pressed the start button to open the electromechanical system, the vice mayor and the speed control was inaccurate. Yuan Xiuhe attended the meeting and made a speech

in order to further improve the environmental quality of Dezhou and speed up the structural adjustment of the paper industry, the force resolution can almost reach 400000. On November 20, 2007, the municipal government issued a document requiring Lingxian Taihua pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., Dezhou Huabei Paper Co., Ltd., Dezhou Huadong Paper Co., Ltd. and Dezhou Changyuan Paper Co., Ltd. to shut down all straw pulp production lines. Wucuiyun made important instructions on this work. In China, he requested that the implementation be carried out firmly in accordance with the municipal government documents to ensure that the closure task and emission reduction targets are completed on schedule

yuanxiuhe pointed out in his speech that closing these four straw pulp production lines is a dead order and must be completed to the letter. The main task of this work lies in the relevant county and district party committees and governments. They should establish a special work organization, establish a strong organizational guarantee system, decompose and implement tasks according to a clear division of labor, and ensure that the work of closing the straw pulp production line is completed by the end of January. We should strengthen supervision and inspection and implement supervision. From now on, the relevant county and district governments will report the work progress every 10 days. Enterprises that fail to complete the task of shutting down straw pulp production lines on schedule shall be shut down by local governments and competent departments according to law

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